Pure Sphynx, Pure Love...

Congratulations on your new pet!

We're excited for you and would like to pass along some information to make your transition easier. Your kitty needs lots of attention, affection, exercise, wholesome food, and a clean place to live. Below we have touched on the essentials, but please understand, there is a lot more to having a happy Sphynx!!!

Vet -



Be sure to find a vet who is familiar with the Sphynx breed. VACCINES: Please be sure to give your kitten Merial vaccines, that do not contain the heavy metals that other vaccines contain. We give the 3 way Purevax from Merial. Never give FIP or FELV vaccines to your kittens and never give two different vaccines on the same day unless it is a combo vaccine. It is too hard on your little kitten and many cats have had severe reactions to two vaccines given on the same day. FIP vaccines are often time fatal if your cat has ever been exposed to the corona virus, which 90% of cats in a multiple cat household have been exposed. They will break out with the fatal form of FIP if given the vaccine. There is no known treatment for FIP it is fatal. Sphynx are very loveable and affectionate cats.


Some people have described them as part monkey, part dog and part cat. Be ready and willing to have a pet who wants to be at your side always and follow you around like a puppy. They also tend to be part parrot as it is typical for the breed to climb up your back and sit on your shoulders whenever they get the chance. You will not be lonely or lack entertainment with a Sphynx for a pet. Two are better than one, тhey are a bit addictive and you can't have just one!!!

Bathing -




Because Sphynx cats do not have fur to absorb the natural oils from their skin they will require periodic bathing. The build up of oils in their coat will collect dirt and dust from their surroundings making them dirty. Depending on the amount of oils secreted from the cat, and the cleanliness of its surrounds, will determine the frequency of bathing. Some Sphynx need bathed more than once a week, while others only require monthly bathing. If you keep your cat’s surroundings clean and buy dust free litter you can help reduce the frequency of bathing. 


Bath time should be fun for cat and owner alike. Because bathing is a routine part of having a Sphynx, it should be introduced to kittens and made as stress free as possible. Run your bath water before bringing your Sphynx into the bathroom for a bath. Most Sphynx tolerate bathing well, but if your cat is stressed by the experience, make bath time as quick as possible and wash their face and ears after you take them out of the water. Avoid getting soap into your cat’s eyes or mouth. We bathe our Sphynx with baby shampoo. 


Claws & Paws -



Sphynx will get dirt between their pads and in the pockets of their claws. They can be cleaned out with a warm wash cloth or baby wipe. Cleaning of the paws will need to be done more often and in conjunction with their bath. 


The claws (front and back) will need to be clipped. In most cats you can see the vein line inside the claw and you must be very careful not to clip on or beyond it. Begin by clipping off just the tip of the claw until you are confident on how to clip. 




Antibacterial Wipes -The best wipes for Sphynx nails.

Ears -



Sphynx’s ears are hairless and produce a large amount of earwax. They will need cleaned in conjunction with bath time or about every one to two weeks. A couple drops of ear cleaner in the cat’s ears will make your cat shake its head and dislodge the earwax so that it can be easily removed with a cotton ball or Q-tip. Be very careful when cleaning their ears, and clean only as far in as you can see. We are using T8 Keto® Flush Solution Ear Wax/Debris Remover. amazon.com

                         Eye wash-



                                 Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash


Non-irritating & promotes healthy eyes. Non-toxic, safe if licked or ingested. Safe for all felines eyes at all life stages. No alcohol, steroids or antibiotics. From amazon.com


Cat Litter -




Whether you've got one cat or several, young or mature, Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze™ will ensure your home is always sweet-smelling.


From petsmart.com or chewy.com

Litter box- 



Petmate® Booda Clean Step

Litter Box from Petsmart. Control litter scatter, dust and dust with the innovative Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome. The clean step ramp contains litter scatter as she steps, keeping litter in the box and not on the floor.

Cat Condo-



Keep your cat active with cat condo! They will have loads of fund with our four story house, scratching posts, punching bags, a step ladder, a tunnel to burrow in and a super plush bed on the top floor! Keep your cat's claws groomed, Give your cats their own personal space & Keep your cats off your furniture! From amazon.com

Naturals Scratcher Cat Toy




These toys are designed to appeal to the natural instincts of the indoor cat. KONG Naturals cat scratchers will satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts, while encouraging appropriate scratching behavior. From amazon.com

Cat's Meow Cat Toy


Your cat will love chasing this electronic concealed mouse. The toy replicates the movement of hidden prey to entice your cat and encourage play. Let your feline friend engage in a game of cat-and-mouse with Mouse Motion Cat Toy. The thrill of the hunt for the concealed mouse excites your cat and encourages healthy activity. The toy is programmable for 4 different settings with the push of a button. From any pet store or amazon.com

Cat toys-


Keep your cat busy when you are away. Give your cat a way to release his energy with this combo pack of entertaining toys. Featuring feathers, balls and catnip, mice and more this pack is the perfect choice for your furry friend.

Sunny Seat Window Mounted Cat Bed

Give your cat a comfortable place to rest without taking valuable room in your home. Hold up to 30 pounds. Installs in seconds on the glass windows or doors, please clean surface at first. Durable, Removable and Machine Washable. From amazon.com

Vitamin & Supplements- 


I always recommend giving your cat/kitten a multivitamin. Most Sphynx respond well to L-lysine, an amino acid that may help with the feline herpesvirus (over 80% of all felines harbor this virus) and is effect in boosting the immune system. Lysine is my #1 recommendation for Sphynx kittens. amazon.com



VitaCal or NutriCal, a high-calorie vitamin supplement can be used to prevent weight loss when factors like surgery, moving, or coming into a new home could cause weight loss. Probiotics are also used by many breeders for gastrointestinal health.



I use and recommend a probiotic for cats



And Natural calcium source.

Nupro Healthy Nuggets  Vitamin for Cats and Kittens. 


Nupro was designed to boost your cat's typical diet with whole, fresh and nutrient-rich ingredients. Nupro health nuggets for cats is a superior supplement that provides the raw vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino and fatty acids that are lacking in commercially processed foods. Excellent for most breeds and all ages from kittens to geriatric. From amazon.com

Our cats love it!

Lean Treats-


Made with real skinless chicken. Taurine, fortified for heart function and good vision. Low fat treats complement the Nutrition of your cat's regular complete and balanced Food. Regular Grooming, a premium quality Food, fresh water, exercise, regular veterinarian visits and daily doses of love and attention are all necessary parts of keeping your cat happy and healthy. Made in the USA. From amazon.com

Feeding -

Freshpet Vital Cat Food - Grain Free, Chicken & Beef and Vital Chicken, Ocean White fish & Egg.

This food is much better than any canned food. Please worm it up before giving it to the kitty. This food you can buy form Petco/ Petsmart.

They all loved!!!




Nulo MedalSeries Cat & Kitten Food - Grain Free, Cod & Duck


Our Cattery chooses to feed no-grain, high-protein raw diet food and cooked chicken with supplements, as well as no-grain dry food and we strongly suggest that our new owners continue feeding the high-grade food that we recommend for optimum health of your Sphynx.  Pregnant Queens, Mothers with Kittens, and young Sphynx Kittens all need high-protein food for optimum health. 


This recommended diet is our Cattery's personal choice for our Kittens and Cats and it is our opinion. There are many types and brands of Cat food and the individual Kitten/Cat owner needs to make their own choice of product for feeding their Kitten or Cat.




You must provide your Sphynx with a constant, always accessible, supply of premium cat food and water. Sphynx cats eat more than other cats and should have dry food available at all times for free feeding if you are feeding dry which we really do not recommend. We do recommend providing wet canned food three times a day or as needed to keep your kitten satisfied and at a healthy weight. We highly suggest the raw cat food diet. Different Sphynx cats have different body builds. Some are more bulky and plump while others can be lean and more athletic, however your Sphynx should not be bony. Your cat will require clean drinking water at all times. Optional Supplements to Consider: You may want to research and consider the following supplements. Be sure to discuss with your vet. Vitamins E may help protect cells against cancers, cataracts, and heart disease. Omega 3 and 6 can aid with allergies, arthritis, seborrhea, and more. Lysine can help with symptoms of the 'cat flu' which is very much like a cold for humans and can be caused by several different viruses often leading to upper respiratory infections. Many Sphynx breeders supplement Lysine at 500 mg per day for adults and 250 mg per day for kittens, divided in half and given twice daily. I've heard other breeders praise Viralys Lysine powder brand in that they say it is very palatable for their cats being fish flavored. 



However, if you do change your Kittens' or Cats' food, please remember to make the change very slowly over a week or so mixing a tiny portion of the new food with the existing food and increasing the amount every day, until the change is complete.  Any feline can have some intestinal distress with immediate total food change and that can result in loose stools during the transition period.

Top Paw® Steel Bone Double Diner Bowl.


Keep your kitty healthy, happy and hydrated with this Top Paw Steel Bone Double Dish Diner Bowls. This bowl has two convenient bowls that serve for both your cat favorite kibble and water. Plus, the bone shaped design to this bowl is both cute and simple. Any petstore. We do not recommend plastic bowls. 


K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty House. Heated.


K&H PREMIUM QUALITY: The K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House is the original Outdoor Heated Kitty House, don't be fooled by low quality imitations! K&H invented this product and design for ease of assembly and superior comfort for outdoor cats.


PATENTED AND PROVEN: The featured 20 watt MET Safety Listed and Patented Lectro-Soft Indoor/Outdoor Heated Bed inside the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House keeps your kitties warm all winter long, even in sub-zero temperatures. The Lectro-Soft is thermostatically controlled by an internal preset thermostat to safely keep your pets warm. No other heated house on the market offers the soft, comfortable, PATENTED warmth of the K&H Outdoor Heated Kitty House. From amazon.com

Climate -



Of course the Sphynx is an indoor cat only. The general rule of thumb is...if you are comfortable they usually are too. However, if they get a chill, they are cleaver enough to find a warm spot under a blanket or curled up with another pet. 


Do use pine, wheat, corn or paper based cat litter. 

Do use glass, stainless, or food grade ceramic food and water bowls. 

Do feed high-grade food for maintaining good health – it is easier to stay healthy than to get healthy again! We feel that 50% quality dry Cat food and 50% quality wet Cat food is the healthiest combination for most Cats. 

Do wash and rinse water and food bowls with dish soap daily to prevent giardia or other contaminents from tainting the standing water – Cats systems are more sensitive than dogs.

Do keep food and water bowls away from the litter box to limit contamination.

Do keep the litter box clean on a daily basis and change the entire box of litter every week to two weeks – cleaning the inside of the litter box with disinfectant and rinsing well with clear water, dry thoroughly and add new fresh litter to a depth of 2 to 3 inches. If using Feline Pine Pellet Litter, do purchase and use their sifting two-part litter box system - your home will always smell clean with use of this litter and litter box system!

Do clip you Cat’s nails every four to five weeks as needed. Only use a specific cat nail clipper; the guillotine variety seems to function the best. See the "How to clip a Cat's nails" article to be posted soon.

Do provide your Cat with appropriate toys, scratching posts, attention, and healthy food treats.  

Do keep your Cat inside your home. Sphynx Cat's inside cat's ONLY!

Do be aware of poisonous items often in a home. Many household plants can be poisonous, such as chrysanthemum, weeping fig, creeping fig, and poinsettia, as well as aspirin or other human drugs, petroleum products such as kerosene and gasoline, antifreeze, all types of mouse or rat poison, plus snake, toad, salamander bites, and rarely food poisoning from garbage. (Cats are much more particular in their choice of food than dogs, so this would be more often for a stray cat outside.) An extensive list of potentially poisonous plant is currently being researched.

Do live in harmony with your feline friend. We began the process of teaching them how to be "good" Cats; continue to teach them how to live happily with you. Sphynx are very intelligent and will quickly learn how you would like them to act. Check back for tips on how to correctly discipline your Cat.

Above all, enjoy and love your Cat! The rewards are many.



Don't use clay based cat litter. The clumping clay can cause respiratory problems and intestinal problems. Very young kittens can even die from ingesting clay litter.

Don't use plastic food or water dishes. They can harbor bacteria and odors, which can be harmful and unappetizing to your Cat. Did you know that Cats' interest in a food is first by smell, then by texture, and last by taste?

Don't place food, and especially water bowls, directly on radiant heated floors as this can cause bacteria to form very quickly. Place a teacup saucer under the bowl to raise it or purchase a raised bowl stand to prevent direct contact with the floor.

Don't change food type abruptly – add 10% of the new food to the current food, then next day 20%, etc., until changed over. Abrupt changes can cause loose stools and be unpleasant for both of you. Cats do not need the same variety as humans. Extra "Treats" don't count as a "food change."

Don't feed your Cat “grocery store” brands of cat food. They do not have the correct amount of protein or other nutrients in them and your Cat’s health can suffer from poor nutrition. Also, don't feed your Cat "table scraps" with sauces and other human food mixed in. You may feed cooked chicken or turkey or raw beef stew meat in chunks to supplement their diet. 

Don't feed your Cat tuna fish. There is too much mercury in common tuna fish.  Most canned tuna is from a large and long-lived species of tuna, unless specified different.  The longer the fish lives; the more time it has to lodge mercury in it's body.  Sad, but true, that mercury is in our oceans.  Eventually, consuming tuna can cause mercury poisoning, due to the small size of a cat, compared to a human, and the frequency of eating tuna.  What is safe is "Bonita" - a small fish that grows quickly and is caught for consumption, prior to being contaminated to an unsafe level.

Don't allow the litter box to become overly soiled… would you like to step into a dirty litter box with your bare feet? A Cat will let you know if it is too dirty to step into the box and tell you that they have a problem. 

Don't have your Cat de-clawed. Clip their claws instead. De-clawing is actually and amputation of each of the Cat's toes up to the first knuckle... don't do it!  There are much better methods to teach and to prevent any scratching issues.